St. Ann residents raise concerns over proposed luxury development in Mammee Bay 

Several concerns have been raised by St. Ann residents about the proposed Mammee River Development.

The housing development project for Mammee Bay, is expected to accommodate some 4,000 residents in a gated community with several amenities.

Scores of residents turned out for a public consultation last evening, at the St. Ann’s Bay Baptist Church Hall, involving representatives from Environmental Solutions Limited (ESL) and the China Harbour Engineering Company (CHEC).

ESL conducted the environmental impact assessment, which was presented at the meeting.

Construction is to be undertaken in six phases over 5 and a half years.

The residents raised several issues, among them, traffic congestion, sewage-and-water supply, and education.

Another resident raised concern about employment.

A CHEC representative said, only the necessary management team, and a few Chinese workers, would be used on the project.

Meantime, another raised concern related to the environment.

She cited the ecological assessment, and questioned what plans are in place to safeguard the flora and fauna.

St. Ann residents reacting to the e-i-a report for a major housing development proposed for Mammee Bay St. Ann.

The representatives sought to address the issues raised by the residents.


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