St Ann Police vows there will be no Easter traffic gridlock

Following 2022’s gridlock which created chaos in St Ann during the Easter Party season, the St Ann police says they have implemented measures to prevent a reoccurrence.


Speaking with Music News, Senior Superintendent of Police in charge of St Ann, Dwight Powell says mitigation measures have been implemented as well as the Public Safety Traffic Enforcement Branch of the JCF have been mobilized to maintain normalcy.


Last weekend, during the first of a series of event scheduled to be held in the parish for Spring Break the police was visible in their numbers along the St Ann’s Bay to Ocho Rios thoroughfare maintaining order. Several residents in the parish, however took to social media to highlight minor delays that they experienced.


On April 17, 2022 chaos ensued in sections of St. Ann as party goers descended on the parish, causing a traffic pile up. The Traffic was backed up for hours causing gridlock in sections of Priory, Mammee Bay, Drax Hall and Ocho Rios. Motorists were stuck in traffic for more than five hours. Residents in several areas had to make it home on foot, after public transportation was brought to a standstill. Some reports indicated persons had to walk for as many as 45 minutes to their destinations.


Some route taxi operators reportedly increased fares to as high as $1,000 per person.


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