St Ann police increase operations in preparation for busy weekend

As the busy heroes weekend approaches, the St. Ann police have increased operations aimed at minimizing traffic congestion and road crashes.

The heroes weekend which begins on Friday October 14, is expected to result in a plethora of entertainment activities in the tourism parish- which the police anticipate will lead to heightened traffic congestion.

In April, the staging of several events resulted in a major traffic pile up between Ocho Rios and St Ann’s Bay, which lasted for hours.

An emergency meeting had to be called by the municipality in response to the incident.

Acting head of the St. Ann police Superintendent David Whyte said the police have been increasing their presence on the road network, since Tuesday.

He said in anticipation of a number of activities, they will also be seeking the assistance of several off-duty cops to enhance security.

He said this will be done to ensure the roads and main thoroughfares are safe.

The senior cop, noting several road crashes in the parish recently, urged motorists to be extra vigilant while traversing crash hotspots.

Acting head of the st. Ann police, senior superintendent david white.


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