St Andrew south police say gang conflict a factor in recent killing of four

The St. Andrew south police are theorising, that ongoing gang conflict, is a factor, in 2 counter reprisal shooting incidents, yesterday, that left 4 people dead and 2 others wounded.

The deceased have not yet been identified.

One incident occurred in Olympic Gardens, while the other was in water house.

A curfew has been imposed in both communities, and will continue up to Thursday, at 8 pm.

The curfew in Waterhouse covers Sandy Gully, Unity Lane, Australia Road, Balcombe Drive, Seaward Drive, and Olympic Way.

And the curfew in, Olympic Gardens, covers, Mckinley Crescent , Lendene Drive, Olympic Way, Seaward Drive, and Bayfarm Road.

Head of the division, Superintendent Kirk Ricketts, told Irie Fm news, that the security forces have increased their presence in the area.



He said police believe yesterday’s shootings are related, to an incident on Sunday.




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