St Andrew South police continuing special operations to curb surge in crime and violence

The St Andrew South Police are continuing special operations in the division, as part of efforts to curb a recent surge in crime and violence in the area.

In the latest operation on Monday, a team of officers attached to the Hunts Bay police, arrested twenty-one-year-old carpenter, Daniel Williams, otherwise called ‘CJ‘ and ‘Peelie Bwoy, of Seaview Gardens, phase 1, for possession of a firearm.

Reports are that about 1: 25 A.M., the officers who were executing the operation along Chaffinch Road in Seaview Gardens, saw Williams acting in a manner which aroused their suspicion.

He was accosted and searched.

One C80 glock pistol with a magazine containing six 9mm rounds of ammunition was found in his possession.

Williams was charged with possession of a prohibited weapon and unauthorized possession of ammunition.

Operations officer for the division, Deputy Superintendent Coleridge Minto has identified Seaview Gardens as one area of interest for the police, as they ramp up efforts to reduce murders and shootings in the division.

Although the number of violent activities has decreased when compared to last year’s figures, DSP Minto explained, that the recent surge in violence, is of serious concern.




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