Spanish Town Mayor requests report on altercation between vendors and JCF officers

The Chairman of the St. Catherine Municipal Corporation has requested a police report regarding yesterday’s confrontation between vendors and members of the police force in the Burke Road area.


Mayor Norman Scott told Irie FM News that the altercation occurred during a joint operation between the police and the municipal team, to remove the vendors who were selling illegally in the area.


In a video, which has been circulating on social media, at least one man is seen arguing with a lawman and holding what appears to be a machete.


One woman was apparently pepper sprayed by a cop, while another woman appeared to have fainted.


The incident descended into further chaos when a member of the police force reportedly discharged his firearm.


According to the mayor, during the Christmas period last year, the vendors had been allowed to sell at certain sections of the roadway, but that discretion expired last month.


He said a meeting is to be held with the vendors to facilitate discussions.



He stressed that there is adequate space in the market for vendors.




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