South East St. Ann residents express mixed feelings over MP Lisa Hanna leaving politics

There are mixed feelings among residents of South East St. Ann following the announcement by Member of Parliament Lisa Hanna that she will be leaving representational politics.


Miss Hanna announced her intention to leave politics after serving for over a decade. She will leave at the end of the current term and as such will not contest the next general election.


The announcement was met with public surprise, as the hopes of many Jamaicans who thought she would become the next female prime minister were shattered.


When Irie FM News visited sections of South East St. Ann today, some residents said they were not surprised, while others expressed satisfaction.


One Moneague resident said Hanna will be missed, but noted that a lack of resources might have impacted her decision.



He said Hanna has been instrumental in developing the community.



However, another Moneague resident said he has been waiting on change.



Meantime, one resident from Claremont, said she was not surprised when she learned of the news. She expressed concern about the state of the roads in the constituency.



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