Some teachers threaten to stay off job over unpaid March salary

Some teachers have reportedly threatened to stay off the job, today (March 27).

This as several academic and administrative staff at public schools have still not received their March salary.

This has not gone down well with some staff members, who were expecting both their retroactive money, and new salary rate as per the restructured compensation system, last Tuesday.

The education ministry had previously indicated that the workers would be paid between March 21 and 23.

It then acknowledged delays with the processing of the payments, and promised that the workers would get the money, last Friday.

However, another bulletin from chief education officer Dr. Kasan Troupe, pointed to further delays in salary payment to bursar paid institutions.

She expressed regret that given the gravity of the iterative process to accurately convert, calculate, approve and upload the retroactive and new salaries, in collaboration with the finance ministry, the education ministry would not be able to advance the salaries for all bursar paid schools by the date previously communicated.

Dr. Troupe said the ministry would continue to work throughout the weekend, to ensure that salaries are reflected in the respective accounts of school staff, by the earliest possible time.

Irie Fm News understands that some teachers have still not received their salaries, and have vowed to stay off the job until they do.


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