Some Manchester business operators say 62-hour curfew is affecting their sales

The imposition of a 62-hour curfew in sections of Manchester has reportedly hampered some business operations, especially food establishments.


This as the weekend-long curfew will result in goods not being sold and at risk of spoilage.


The curfew began on Friday and is expected to be lifted tomorrow.


It covers Royal Flat, Land Settlement, Little Hampton District, Breezy Hill and Comfort.


The police had concern about possible counter reprisal attacks, in relation to the killing of Marlon Irwin last month and the reprisal murder of a woman, last week.


One shop operator said while he understands that the cops are only doing their job, the measure means loss of sales for his business.


He is appealing to the police to give business operators some advance notice of a curfew, so that they can make the necessary arrangements.




He said he will not be able to recoup cost for the perishable goods he bought with cash.





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