Soldiers and cops deployed in Spanish Town, St. Catherine amid tensions in the area over police killing of alleged gangster

Several soldiers and police officers have been deployed in Spanish Town, St. Catherine to restore order to the area, amid tension and protests by upset residents this morning.

This, following the killing of 44-year-old Sheldon Walters, also known as “Termite”.

Police claim that Walters was linked to the Top Banks faction of the Klansman gang.

Reports are that Walters was killed during an alleged confrontation with lawmen last evening and that an illegal firearm was taken from him.

In response to Walter’s death, several residents mounted fiery blockades in areas, including the railway premises in Top Banks, Burke Road, March Pen Road, De la Vega City, Dallas Lane, Port Henderson road, Salt Pond Road and White Church street.

Some business establishments, including a popular food outlet on Burke Road were vandalized.

Speaking with IRIE FM news, Head of the Constabulary’s Communication Unit, Senior Superintendent Stephanie Lindsay says persons, who she describes as sympathizers, continue to block the roads, even as lawmen work to clear them.

She is urging those responsible for the disruptions to cease their antics.


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