Many ruffled by the decision to clamp down on feathered Carnival costumes entering Jamaica

Some Carnival fans are expressing their dissatisfaction with the Jamaica Customs Agency following its decision to clamp down on revellers and promoters travelling to Jamaica with feathered Carnival costumes.

Following Trinidad’s Carnival, the Jamaica Customs Agency issued a warning to all air passengers travelling with feathers into Jamaica, for the hosting of events, particularly Carnival, stating that they must obtain and provide an import permit from the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries to Jamaica Customs.

Failure to provide the necessary documentation upon arrival at the airport will result in the detention of the feathers or costumes made of feathers.

On Instagram, one social media user wrote, “Somebody please get customs season passes to di road marches and fetes… Not able wid dem dis year.” While another shared, “Lol another reason to skip Jamaica Carnival”, and another social media user wrote, “One thing I can say about social media, it really provokes ignorance. Every country has the same or similar customs regulations and permits for the security and safety of their people’s health and agriculture industries.”

Carnival in Jamaica is slated to take place in April.


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