Smart replay system coming for cricket

To increase the accuracy and speed of decision-making, the Indian Premier League (IPL) will will have a smart replay system in place for the 2024 Edition which bowls off on March 22. 

Under the smart replay system, the TV umpire will receive inputs directly from two hawk-eye operators who will be sitting in the same room, and provide him with images captured by hawk-eye’s eight hi-speed cameras across the ground. 

The TV broadcast director, who used to be a conduit between the third umpire and the hawk-eye operators until now, will no longer be involved under the new system.

Similarly, a split screen can now show, in case of an overthrow that goes for four, whether the batters had crossed or not when the fielder released the ball . 

In the case of a stumping referral, under the smart review system, the tv umpire can ask the hawk-eye operators to show him the split screen. 

For stumpings, the new system will show the tv umpire tri-vision – essentially footage from side-on cameras as well as from front-on in a single frame. 

Meanwhile, it is understood that the conversations between the tv umpire and the hawk-eye operator are likely to be aired live, allowing the viewer to understand the thought process behind decisions better.

The BCCI conducted a two-day workshop on the new system in Mumbai on Sunday and yesterday for select umpires. 

It is understood that about 15 umpires, comprising both indian and overseas umpires, will work with the smart replay system during IPL 2024 which starts on March 22.


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