Skip Marley denied entry at Canadian border

Skip Marley, a grandson of Reggae legend Bob Marley will have to refund tickets purchased by Canadian fans, after he was forced to pull the plug on a show in Toronto when he was denied entry at the US/Canada border this week.

In a video message shared to his official Twitter account, Skip Marley can be seen apologizing to fans while he was at the border. He also revealed that he had complied with all the prerequisites but was still denied entry.

The tweet also included a Canada Border Services Agency document titled “Direction to return to the United States”.

Though the document did not speak to Skip Marley’s vaccination status, it suggested that he was denied entry because of an “order or regulation made by the Governor in Council under the Emergencies Act or Quarantine Act.”

Under a Quarantine Order, Canada currently requires proof of COVID-19 vaccination for foreign nationals entering the country.

However, according to Canadian news outlets, new details are that, Canada will drop its Covid-19 vaccine requirement for visitors by September 30.

Skip Marley, who is the son of Cedella Marley, was expected to perform at a show in Toronto on September 21 as part of his “Change” tour.

On Instagram, Skip Marley shared that ticket transfers and or refunds will be available soon as he works out the rescheduling details.


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