Shenseea criticized for yanking lace wig from her head

Entertainer Shenseea has garnered criticism from a black-owned natural hair care company based in Florida after she posted a TikTok video aggressively removing her lace wig from her head.

On Monday (July 11), the company known as Blaq Luxury Hair Products reposted Shenseea’s TikTok video on their official Instagram page with the caption, “I guess Shenseea will be shopping with us soon. Is this how we are now removing our lace wig? R.I.P edges.”

In the comment section, one user shared, “I don’t understand why someone would do this and film it. She is literally pulling her edges out from the root. This is trauma to her follicles. So sad.” While another shared, “That looks so painful, um is she ok?”

Blaq Luxury Hair Solution has over 20 products and is marketed to those with thinning edges, bald spots, Alopecia, or simply needing longer and thicker hair.


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