Shaneil Muir gives her mom ultimatum

Dancehall deejay Shaneil Muir is giving her mother until the end of today to publicly apologize and retract what she has labelled lies about her.

The ‘Top Gal’ artist shared a screenshot of a post made by a page with the name Suzette Gilburn which shows a pic of what seems to be that of a young Shaneil Muir with the caption, “Money change you eeeee?” Shaneil Muir in her response wrote, “And the devil has risen! Here, let me help you get some highlights. MOTHER OF THE YEAR.”

She followed up with another post warning her mother to make it right before the day ends. “I am giving you until the end of the day today to retract and publicly take account for all your lies you have spread about me and make it right! It shall end today!”, she wrote in part.

The saga between Shaneil Muir and her mother, Suzette Gilburn, arose during an interview, when she expressed that her mother was not present while she was growing up. In October of 2023, Shaniel responded to an open letter penned by her mother who accused her of many things including changing from her beautiful girl into a young lady with no heart towards her. In the letter, she also agreed to honour Shaneil’s wish to stay away from her.

The Top Gyal singjay has since released a new song titled ‘Try Again’ where she takes aim at a few people including her mother.


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