Severe weather alert remains in effect for Jamaica

The Met service says a severe weather alert remains in effect for the island.

The Met service says tropical depression #9 has formed over the central Caribbean sea and is expected to continue strengthening slowly over the next couple of days, while moving closer to Jamaica.

On the current forecast track, tropical depression number-9 will move over the waters south of Hispaniola.

Tomorrow and move closer to Jamaica’s southwestern coastline, as a tropical storm on Sunday, as it approaches the Cayman Islands.

All small craft operators, including fishers from the Cays and banks, should be arriving in port to start preparations for safe harbour at this time.

The Met office says Jamaica and its territorial waters should begin to feel impacts of the tropical depression as early as midday tomorrow with an increase in showers and gusty winds.

The meteorological service continues to monitor the progress of this system, and all interest-s are encouraged to pay special attention to further releases.

The next bulletin on this system will be issued at 11:00 a.m. on Friday.


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