Several rideshare companies contact Transport Authority to regularize their operations, following ban on the industry

Several rideshare companies have made contact with the Transport Authority, in a bid to regularize their operations.

Other companies that are already operating legitimately, such as 876 On The Go, have also contacted the Authority to ensure that their status is not compromised.

This, in the wake of the one year ban on rideshare apps, announced yesterday by Transport Minister Daryl Vaz.

The ban is in response to concerns from the police about how some rideshare apps operate, and their links to criminal activities.

Local app 876 On The Go, claimed that it is already in compliance with laws and regulations.

Speaking at an event in St Catherine today, Mr. Vaz noted that the concerns of 876 On The Go would be resolved today. 

Mr. Vaz acknowledged complaints about a blanket ban on the app, but stressed that he had to act on the security risk information provided by and requested from the police. 

He assured that the government will find a way to put in the regulatory framework for the rideshare apps to operate in Jamaica.


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