Several illegal structures destroyed in a section of Bernard Lodge

Several illegal structures on so called captured land, adjacent to the Clifton community in Bernard Lodge, St Catherine were demolished on Thursday, at the start of a removal exercise by the government.

This, in the wake of reports that criminals pretending to be land owners, sold lots to some unsuspecting citizens.

In light of the link to criminals, police and soldiers were deployed to the area, to ensure the safety of workmen.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness has stated that the legitimate property owner, SCJ Holdings, had issued cease /desist notices.

Today’s demolition focused on unfinished buildings.

Other buildings that have been completed and are occupied will be taken down at a later stage, following discussions with the residents.

However, some residents claim that they were unaware of the exercise and have lamented that they had already spent thousands of dollars building their homes.

These residents reportedly have no official title to the property, only receipts they got from the alleged seller.

Member of parliament for St Catherine South Fitz Jackson visited the site, and spoke with some residents who expressed concern about their homes being demolished, and showed him documentation indicating their right to occupy.

Mr Jackson said SCJ Holdings will need to address the issue.


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