Several houses destroyed by fire along Text Lane in Central Kingston; police rule out arson

Head of the Kingston Central Police, Superintendent Berrisford Williams says so far, there is no indication that this morning’s (August 16) fire on Text Lane in Downtown was caused by arsonists.


The fire, which occurred at about 3 AM, is the second such incident to take place recently.


Last week, at least 30 people, including children were left homeless after fire gutted their homes.


Residents are reportedly blaming the fires on arsonists, but the police have not confirmed this claim.


Superintendent Williams told IRIE FM news that based on preliminary investigations, this morning’s fire was not caused by criminals.


He noted, however, that a more intensive probe is being conducted to confirm preliminary findings.

Superintendent Williams said, although there is a concern that fires are becoming too frequent in the area, the issue has highlighted the need for better infrastructure.

He is hopeful, that the recently launched ‘Project Star’ initiative will see the restructuring of some of the houses in the division.



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