Several buildings damaged in corporate area following major earthquake which was felt across Jamaica this morning

The lives of several Jamaicans and some businesses were disrupted this morning, as an earthquake rocked the nation.

The quake had an estimated magnitude of 5.4, and was felt islandwide at approximately 10: 57 AM.

The epicenter was located 30 kilometers from Kingston.

It was also felt in other countries in the region including the Bahamas, Haiti, the United States, minor outlying islands, and Cuba.

The collective reaction from citizens who called the newsroom was that the quake was heavy and lasted longer than usual.

Reports are emerging of damage to a number of buildings in the corporate area following the earthquake.

Mayor of Kingston Delroy Williams says the city officials are out examining the damage to buildings.

Reports to IRIE FM are that sections of some buildings have collapsed.

Videos circulating on social media, show goods fallen from supermarket shelves and damage to buildings.

People also ran outside during the shaking.


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