Sentencing pushed back for former NCB employee Khadene Thomas, to allow her time to make restitution to customers defrauded

Sentencing for former National Commercial Bank (NCB) employee Khadene Thomas, who defrauded customers of over $70 million, has been pushed back to June 27, to allow her time to make restitution.

The order was given by parish judge Justice Larona Montaque-Williams earlier today.

Justice Montaque-Williams stated that, in keeping with the court’s policy, the defenceā€™s request for complete restitution would be considered.

She explained however, that while this consideration will not affect the court’s decision for sentencing, the defendant’s commitment to provide restitution must be kept.

Meantime, defence attorney, Matthew Hyatt said his client is at the mercy of the court and is remorseful.

He pointed out that prior to the fraud incident, his client had a clean criminal record, and that she made an early guilty plea in the matter.

The defence lawyer is hopeful that his client will be given a suspended sentence.

Meantime, Senior Prosecutor Mishka Anderson, said a custodial sentence is being recommended for the accused, in light of existing aggravating factors.

Ms. Anderson says the breach of trust has impacted the financial institution, employers, and the wider society.


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