Sentencing of Clansman-One Don gang members adjourned until next Monday

Chief Justice Bryan Sykes says he expects to complete sentencing of Andre Bryan and 14 others who were convicted in the Clansman – One Don gang trial earlier this year.

The matter was adjourned this morning, after Bryan and attorneys for some of the other convicts completed their mitigation pleas, seeking the leniency of the court for reduced sentences.

Chief Justice Sykes said the case would resume next Monday and he expects to complete sentencing by Tuesday.

Bryan again addressed the court, using bible verses.

He also said that all the accused have been around him, but they do not know and only see what the eyes see.

Bryan said the truth must be told, adding that he gave orders and instructions and that all were under his influence, including the witnesses who were pardoned.

He said everyone should have been pardoned and he taken into account.

Bryan was convicted for leadership of a criminal organisation and six counts of facilitating the commission of a serious offence by a criminal organisation.

The others were all found guilty of being part of a criminal organisation.


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