Senior cop notes need for initiative similar to Operation Kingfish to stem organized crime

With organized criminal activities plaguing the country, a senior cop has noted the need for an initiative similar to that of Operation Kingfish to be introduced.


Operation Kingfish was implemented in 2004 to dismantle the major organized criminal networks operating in Jamaica.


Deputy Commissioner of Police, Dr. Kevin Blake notes that through the operation, law enforcers had managed to disrupt several organized criminal networks, and seized hundreds of illegal weapons.


This, he explained meant that Operation Kingfish had managed to meet its mandate.


However, he lamented that the issue of organized crime has grown, and a similar initiative, could help to deal with the issue.

Meantime, Country Attaché of Drug Enforcement Administration in the United States Embassy, Dolan Greenidge said many of the drug traffickers sought under Operation Kingfish have gotten older and are again plaguing society.


This, he explained is one indication that a revival of the operation, or something similar, is desperately needed.

Both men were speaking this morning (July 14), at day two of ‘The Violent Crime and Criminal Violence in Jamaica and in the United States’ Symposium.


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