Senate to vote on extending SOEs today

Members of the senate are expected to vote on the extension of the States of Emergency in 10 police divisions, today (Friday, November 25).


The extension was approved in the Lower House on Tuesday without the support of the Opposition but will require support from at least one Opposition senator to be approved in the Upper House.


The business community and civil society groups have called for senators to support the SOEs, however, human rights lobby group Jamaicans for Justice (JFJ) has urged the senate to not support the request for the extension.


In a statement, the JFJ stressed that parliamentarians have a constitutional duty to uphold and safeguard the constitution.


It said the reasons given by government for the SOEs simply do not meet constitutional threshold for a state of emergency to be declared.


JFJ said the government must be held accountable to implement lawful and constitutional means of addressing crime.


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