Senate passes Act to bring harsher penalties for praedial larcenists

The Senate has passed the Agricultural Produce Amendment Act, which will bring harsher penalties for praedial larcenists.

The bill was piloted by leader of government business, Kamina Johnson-Smith who noted that praedial larcenists have robbed farmers of 6 billion dollars per annum over the last decade.

Mrs. Johnson-smith explained that praedial larceny is not only a threat to agricultural sustainability, but also to public health.

She added that in addition to the threat of losing their investments, farmers have also lost their lives.

Mrs Johnson-Smith said praedial larceny has become increasingly organized in recent years.

She noted that government has been and continues to tackle the issue.

She received support from opposition Senator Floyd Morris who noted that he too, as a farmer, has suffered at the hands of praedial larcenists.

He noted that with some 400,000 people directly involved in farming, the contribution to the nation’s gross domestic product could be far greater if praedial larceny is stemmed.


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