Security Minister directs the Ministry’s legal team to review existing law relating to Sex Offenders Registry

National Security Minister Dr. Horace Chang has directed the ministry’s legal team to conduct a review of existing law to determine the extent to which it allows for wider sharing of information concerning convicted sex offenders.

The statement follows calls to have the Sex Offenders Registry accessible to the public, after reports from the police that a ride-share operator who was previously charged with sexual offences, admitted involvement in the disappearance of teacher Danielle Anglin.

She reportedly went missing after booking a rideshare to work. 

Skeletal remains believed to be those of the missing teacher, were found in Clarendon on Monday.

The law currently allows for select institutions to be advised of details concerning convicted offenders, upon request of the institution. 

These institutions include schools.

In a release this morning, the Security Ministry said during the first term of the current administration, a parliamentary committee reviewed the matter of the Sex Offenders Registry and a framework was established.

The National Security Minister says this review has been requested that the government may make a decision on the way forward. 

Minister Chang reiterated that the overall important objective of the review is to ensure that the public has information which allows them to take precautions and prevent exposure to convicted predators.


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