Security Minister commits to addressing issues and anomalies in salaries of members of Constabulary.

National Security Minister Dr Horace Chang has committed to addressing the issues and anomalies in the salaries of members of the Constabulary.


Speaking at the 80th annual joint conference of the Police Federation underway at the Ocean Coral Spring Hotel in Trelawny, Dr Chang noted that the Government undertook a mammoth task in the compensation restructuring exercise and it is understandable there are some errors.


He stressed that the system is not perfect and that the Heads of Agreement signed with the unions allowed a six-month time frame for issues to be rectified.


Dr Chang acknowledged that the compensation review has led to some members paying considerably more in taxes.


While noting that he was unable to indicate the Government’s position on raising the income tax thresh-hold, the Minister said it is the Government’s philosophy that people should have more money to spend.




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