Security Minister clarifies ‘shoot to kill’ statement, says officers must preserve their right to life

National Security Minister Dr. Horace Chang has once again sought to clarify his recent statement about how police should respond when confronted by gunmen.


Last Thursday, Dr. Chang cautioned gunmen about confronting the police, warning that if they do so, they should be prepared to face the consequences.


The Security Minister was lashed by human rights groups and other members of the public including the independent commission of investigations, INDECOM.


According to INDECOM, every citizen has a right to life including gunmen.


However, speaking at a post-cabinet press briefing this morning, Dr. Chang said, while all citizens have a right to life, in a situation where the police and gunmen are in confrontation, he believes the first right to life is that of the police.



He reasoned that with the police force not having the same level of firepower as gunmen, the aim was to allow officers to understand the importance of them staying alive when confronted by armed thugs.


Dr. Chang said he does not believe his comments were to encourage the police to take ‘unusual actions’ in these confrontations.


He said he was simply encouraging young police officers not to shoot and miss when they come under fire or they will lose their lives.



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