Security guards vow to continue protests over new contracts

Some security guards upset about being laid off, due to refusal to sign new contracts with their companies, have vowed to continue to protest, until the issue is resolved.

The supreme court ruled last September, that security guards are now regarded as employees, not contract workers.

The court ruling was implemented on April 1.

However, some security guards have not signed the new contracts , because of concerns about some aspects of the contracts.

As a result, several placard bearing guards staged a demonstration at the labour ministry’s office in Kingston, on Thursday, seeking its intervention.

However, a meeting with representatives of the ministry did not go well, leaving the guards even more upset.

The union of Clerical Administrative and Supervisory Employees, Ucase, which is helping the guards in their fight for fair treatment, has written a letter to the ministry.

Ucase President Vincent Morrison said among the concerns is that the new contract requires them to waive their rights.

Mr. Morrison said the guards are being victimized, by the companies.

He said the ministry is giving security guards conflicting advice on how to handle the mater.


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