Security forces increase monitoring of coastline amid concerns of fleeing Haitians

The security forces have increased monitoring of Jamaica’s coastline, amid concerns that fleeing Haitians may attempt to enter illegally.

The heightened vigilance follows reports of unrest in the neighboring island, including the escape of thousands of inmates from a prison.

In response to queries, the Jamaica Defence Force indicated that it remains cognizant of the developing situation in Haiti and maintains a heightened state of readiness pursuant to the preservation of Jamaica’s national interests.

The JDF said in keeping with that intent, the Maritime Air and Cyber Command is exercising sea control in the Jamaica-Haiti gap, utilizing surface and aerial assets in the transit zone as a continuation of the campaign to prevent the landing of illegal migrants.

It added that in the land domain, the Jamaica regiment, in support of the Jamaica Constabulary Force, continues to conduct focused joint deployments in areas of strategic concern with all other formations providing support.

The JDF reaffirmed its commitment to the protection of national interests and the safeguarding of Jamaica’s borders.


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