Security expert says industry in need of 4000 guards amid Beryllium attacks

President of the Jamaica Society for Industrial Security, (JSIS) Lieutenant Commander George Overton says the security industry is in need of some 4000 guards.

Mr. Overton is also Director of Operations for Guardsman Group Limited, the parent company of Beryllium that has seen its personnel and vehicles being attacked by armed robbers over recent months.

He was responding to queries from Irie Fm News, regarding concerns about the agility of the guards attached to the company, in comparison to gunmen, who are carrying out attacks, the latest of which took place in Albion St. Thomas on Saturday.

In that incident, the gunmen were unsuccessful in securing any cash. However, one of the guards was shot and wounded.

Lieutenant Commander Overton has acknowledged that there is a shortage of manpower, and some 4 thousand security guards are needed urgently. However, he says there are challenges in getting them.

Meantime, as a result of Saturday’s attack, Beryllium Limited has reportedly reduced operations.

At least one financial institution has warned that customers may experience disruptions in Automated Banking Machine, (ABM) services.

The police say they continue to investigate the incident.


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