Scores of students stranded as Manchester residents protested for better roads

Several students were left stranded this morning, as scores of residents of Redberry and Reeves Wood in Manchester protested, demanding better roads and an improved water supply.

The schools affected included St. Jago Primary and Infant, Harmons Primary and Infant, Ramble Primary and Infant, Reeves Basic, Porus Primary and Infant and Porus High School.

Reports to IRIE FM News indicate that the protest which started before 6 o’clock this morning saw the protestors using downed trees and boulders to block the roads.

The roadways have since been cleared.

This morning, the residents claimed that their repeated calls for the issues to be corrected have fallen on deaf ears.

Meantime, Councillor for the Porus division, Claudia Morant Baker, said she was disappointed that the residents sought a response through protest instead of seeking audience with her or the Member of Parliament Robert Chin.

While accepting that the roads are in a bad state and that the water situation needs attention, Councillor Morant Baker claimed that the protest was politically motivated.

She said she will be in touch with the Member of Parliament to see if together they can lobby for the road repairs to be expedited.


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