Scores of residents and taxi operators in St. Thomas protest bad road conditions for second consecutive day

Scores of residents and taxi operators in St. Thomas are protesting for a second consecutive day over poor road conditions in the parish.


The protest which began yesterday (September 5) is impacting residents of Lyssons, Leith Hall and Amity Hall where the residents mounted roadblocks, from as early as 3 AM.


The Leith Hall main road has been reduced to single-lane traffic.


Following yesterday’s protest, the police had said works were underway to fix the affected roadways.


However, Head of the St. Thomas Eastern Taxi Association, Kirk Brown told IRIE FM news this morning that operators were forced to withdraw their service again because of the lack of urgency in getting the road fixed.

Another taxi operator said the protests will continue until the road conditions which are also affecting Portland residents, improve.


Meantime, a resident has threatened to take more drastic actions until the issue is remedied.

One resident explained that even though students are affected, the protests have to continue because the parish has been ignored by officials for far too long.

Meanwhile, Acting Head of the St. Thomas police division, Deputy Superintendent Oneil Thompson said efforts are being made to get the cooperation of the residents so that regular traffic can resume.




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