Scores of commuters left stranded in Cristiana as taxi operators protest

Scores of commuters were left stranded on Thursday morning, as taxi operators blocked the succeed main road in Manchester, protesting an alleged incident of police harassment and calling for a proper parking facility in Christiana.

The protest follows a viral video in which a taxi operator and two police officers were seen engaged in a tussle.

It’s alleged that the taxi operator, Jermaine Cunningham, breached traffic rules.

Mr. Cunningham, who was later arrested and charged, has accused the police of physical abuse while in custody.

He said the charges were unfairly laid against him.

And, another taxi operator who identified himself as ‘Ryno’ has questioned the actions of the police.

The operators have stressed the need for an adequate parking facility, the lack of which they say has been creating issues between them and the authorities.

Meantime, President of the North East Manchester Taxi Association Ruby Parton, has expressed concern about the situation.

And, president of the Central Manchester Taxi Association Shirley Johnson said he supports the operators in their decision to protest.


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