Scores of commuters in St Ann and Clarendon left stranded this morning, following another protest over bad roads and insufficient water supply; MP promises to address issues

Scores of students were among commuters in sections of St. Ann and Clarendon who were left stranded this morning (January 26), following another protest over bad road conditions and insufficient water supply.


Irate residents from several communities blocked the Alston main road to register their anger over what they have described as unfulfilled promises regarding their concerns.


The residents say they were told last week that the issues would be addressed, but so far, nothing has been done.


One resident, Bryan Hyman told IRIE FM news that a meeting between citizens and political representatives was scheduled for last evening.

He called on Member of Parliament for Clarendon North Western, Phillip Henriques to do more to improve the conditions of the roadways, and to ensure there is sufficient water supply.

Meantime, MP Henriques has sought to assure residents that he is working to improve road conditions and water supply in the constituency.


When asked by IRIE FM news about his failure to attend the scheduled meeting with residents about the matter last evening, Mr Henriques explained that he communicated his unavailability, but arranged for a representative to attend.

He said while he understands the residents’ frustration, the issues cannot be fixed immediately.



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