Schools ordered closed due to inclement weather

All schools have been ordered closed Friday, due to the inclement weather.

The Ministry of Education said it continues to closely monitor the advisories issued by the Met Service, as it relates to the passage of a system, that’s expected to develop into a tropical cyclone.

The Ministry noted that significant rainfall that may lead to flooding is anticipated and this may compromise the safety of students, teachers and other staff, as they journey between school and home.

As such the Ministry has ordered the closure of schools for Friday as part of the effort to prioritise the safety of all students and staff, while the weather system passes over the island.

school administrators have been asked to activate the Education in Emergency Plan to support the continuity of learning and the students being actively engaged.

This will require schools to transition to the remote or online modality for teaching and learning activities for today.

Students without access to the internet or a computer/tablet must be given assigned tasks in their workbooks or textbooks as per their timetable, to minimise the disruptions in their learning plan.

Administrators have also been asked to initiate all communication channels within their institutions to ensure that parents and guardians can be informed promptly and can make the necessary arrangements for their child or ward.

The ministry said if a school has been designated as an emergency shelter, it is important to contact the shelter managers to coordinate access and manage shelter activities, in case the need arises.

In the event that the conditions worsen and schools are mobilised as shelters, provisions must be made to secure critical resources, while providing access to bathroom facilities and other areas to safely house persons who may be displaced.


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