Schools face urgent need to fill teaching positions as new academic year approaches

One high school principal has described the effects of the shortage of teachers at schools as a catastrophe.

As the new academic year approaches, some schools face the urgent need to fill teaching positions.

Advertisements continue for teachers, even as some principals get more resignation letters.

Two high schools based in rural Jamaica are still hoping they will fill the positions quickly, even as classes are set to begin on Monday.

Tacky High in St Mary needs 16 teachers.

Principal Errol Bascoe told Irie Fm news that he heard about two more resignations on Monday which was orientation for grade seven students.

He says about five teachers are needed for Mathematics and English language.

Mr Basco explains that in his 18 years as a principal this is the first time the school has experienced such a huge number of vacancies.

He points out that teachers have not been giving notice of resignation, on time.

Meantime principal of Browns Town High, Alfred Thomas says he has received 7 resignations and he expects at least three more.

He explains that some positions have been filled.

The education ministry has launched a job bank portal to streamline the process of finding teachers and teaching jobs.

Education minister Fayval Williams noted the significant costs for schools to advertise vacancies.

With the portal, teachers and principals will be able to search and apply for job openings, post their résumés, create a profile to advertise themselves to potential employers, and get an idea of the job requirements and remuneration.


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