SBAJ says JCF should have come to an agreement with vendors before implementing no-vending rule along Palisadoes for New Year’s Eve gathering

The Small Business Association of Jamaica (SBAJ) says the Constabulary Force should have come to an agreement with vendors before implementing a no-vending rule along the Palisadoes strip today.

Yesterday, the police announced the rule, which is among several changes being made in light of the annual staging of Fireworks, on the Waterfront in Downtown, Kingston.

The New Year’s Eve event usually results in hundreds of people converging along the Palisadoes. As a result, the police advised of special parking areas to avoid congestion, and a no-vending rule.

The no-vending rule, however, has not been received well by several vendors who believe it will impact their opportunity to make money during the festivities.

Speaking with IRIE FM news, President of the SBAJ, Michael Lecky says the move is a backward step and will dampen the spirits of those who wish to ply their wares along the Palisadoes.

According to Mr Lecky, the festive season is usually a time when most vendors make a large profit.

While agreeing that there must be regulations to govern today’s gathering at Palisadoes, Mr. Lecky says the police should have created a balance where vendors could still make money.

No parking will be allowed along the right side of the Norman Manley Highway, leading to the airport between 5:00 P.M. and 12:00 Midnight. That is from the Harbour View round-a-bout to the airport round-a-bout.

Controlled parking will also be at designated locations on the left side only. There will be no parking where the cables are located.


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