Savanna-la-mar Mayor calls on gov’t to help establish new animal pound, following fatal crashes involving cattle

Mayor of Savanna-la-mar, Bertel Moore is calling on the Government to help establish a new animal pound in Westmoreland.

This after several people, including a policeman, were killed in motor vehicle crashes involving cows in the parish this year.

The latest incident happened along the Petersfield main road on Christmas Eve.

29-year-old Odane Dennison of Pipers Corner, Savanna-la-mar died in that crash.

Mayor Moore told IRIE FM News that Dennison’s death has reaffirmed the need to push for the pound facility to be established.

He explained that a location for the pound has been acquired but other factors are preventing the facility from opening its doors.

In the meantime, the Mayor reiterated the call for motorists to exercise caution when using the roadways.

He urged persons to act responsibly when operating motor vehicles.

This, especially as the festive season continues.


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