Sanmerna Foundation offers aid to Westmoreland teen injured in house fire

The organisation that aided 2 previous burn victims to get medical care overseas, has again stepped in, to help the teen girl, who was injured in a recent house fire, in westmoreland.

Sanmerna Foundation has again lamented the lack of a burn unit in Jamaica, to treat severe burn cases, especially when the burn victims are unable to afford treatment overseas.

Project manager Stephen Josephs said the young girl remains in critical condition, at the University Hospital of the West Indies, UHWI.

He added that an application was made on Tuesday, for an emergency passport for the child, and the next step, is to apply for a US visa.



He pointed out that while doctors at the UHWI, will do their best to attend, to the child, they lack proper resources to do so.


Mr. Josephs said this incident again highlights the need for a burn unit in Jamaica.

He said since there is no burn unit yet in island, he wants the government to establish an agreement with overseas hospitals, for emergency burn cases.






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