Ride-hailing companies express mixed reactions to ban on the sector

There have been mixed reactions from ride-hailing companies to the announcement of a ban on the sector, amidst security concerns.

Transport Minister Daryl Vaz yesterday recommended the 12-month ban on the sector, while government works out the legislative arrangements that will govern it.

In response ride-hailing company Ride Jamaica has expressed full support for the government’s decision to regulate the ride-share industry.

The company’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Shaun Jones, says it is with deep regret that the company acknowledged the circumstances leading up to the Minister’s decision.

But he says the company understands and fully supports the need to regulate the industry to ensure safety and fairness for all stakeholders.

He says the company stands firmly behind the minister’s initiative to establish a structured and regulated framework for ride sharing services.

On the other hand ride-share company, ‘876 on the Go’ says it is concerning and disappointing that its company has been grouped with those that lack proper regulation.

The company says it is unfair for compliant companies to suffer due to the actions of others.

‘876 on the Go’ states that the Minister should develop a nuanced regulatory framework that ensures safety and security while recognizing and supporting the companies that follow the rules.

It says companies should be valued, respected, and encouraged to model global best practices in the transportation industry, not be banned.


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