RGD staff considering another round of industrial action today

Staff at the Registrar General’s Department, RGD, are said to be restive and considering another round of industrial action as early as today (February 27).

The workers, who staged a sick out last week, are still upset about the government’s public sector restructured compensation system.

The workers have rejected the new band, under which they are to be classified, saying this would make them worse off.

Following last week’s sick out, the workers were promised an update, within 4 days, but they say, that did not happen.

Further reports are that the workers are becoming increasingly frustrated, saying attempts to get information from the finance ministry’s transformation implementation unit, have been unsuccessful.

With this financial year drawing nearer to an end, the workers are worried, that their pay outs will not be made.

The concern stems from the declaration by Finance Minister Dr Nigel Clarke, that there is no space in the budget for the upcoming fiscal year, to accommodate payment of salaries due in the current fiscal year.


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