RGD launches Braille Certificate

As of Thursday May 2,  persons who are visually impaired are able to apply to the Registrar General’s Department for a copy of the Braille Certificate .

RGD Chief Executive Officer Charlton Mcfarlane said he is confident that the introduction of birth certificates in Braille will have a profound impact on the lives of countless individuals across Jamaica and the Caribbean.

The official launch of the Braille Certificate took place at the Jamaica Society for the Blind yesterday.

Mr. Mcfarlane noted that for too long, individuals with visual impairments have faced barriers in accessing essential documents and services.

He stated that by introducing birth certificate in Braille, the RGD is breaking down these barriers and ensuring that every citizen, regardless of ability, has equal access to vital documentation.

People who are visually impaired will now be able to access, read, interpret, and have first-hand knowledge of the information included in their vital record as a result of this significant accomplishment.


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