Revival of old-school Dancehall Riddims could dominate music scene this summer

In recent times, the music industry has witnessed a resurgence of Dancehall riddims infused with an old-school flair.

From Kemar “Flavour” McGregor’s Recoup Riddim to DJ Mac’s Fiesta 2k4 and Notice Street Vibz 2.0, along with Vershon’s homage to the late dancer Bogle for Cash Flow Records, it appears this summer will be a nostalgic journey.

Recently, producer Kemar Flavour McGregor enlisted Dancehall heavyweights Buju Banton, Beenie Man, Elephant Man, and others for the Recoup Riddim, a remake of Dave Kelly’s classic “Bounce” Riddim.

DJ’s Mac’s Fiesta 2k4, which samples R Kelly’s hits from the early 2000s, features Ding Dong revisiting past dance moves like “Zip It Up”, blending it with the stir fry, and other new dance moves.

Recently, Vershon collaborated with Cash Flow Records for “Zip It Up”, a tribute song to the late dancer Bogle.

Popular selector DJ Lollipop predicts a summer dominated by old-school Dancehall-inspired music.

Producer Rvssian was one of the first to revive the past with the remake of his Dutty Money Riddim, propelling visually impaired Dancehall artist Nigy Boy to fame withContinent.”


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