Restive RGD workers to meet with their union, the JCSA, today

Restive workers, attached to the Registrar General’s Department (RGD) are to meet with their union, the Jamaica Civil Service Association (JCSA), at 1 PM today.


The workers, who are upset about the government’s restructured compensation system, staged a sickout, disrupting operations at the RGD this morning.


One source told IRIE FM News that the workers have rejected the new band under which they are to be classified, saying this would make them worse off.


The workers, who say they were of the notion, that the compensation scheme would put them on equal footing with other workers in the public sector, were shocked to realize, that this was not so. The workers say they feel disrespected by the government.


IRIE FM News understands that at least 70% of the staff did not show up to work. This means, services such as registration of births and deaths, weddings scheduled for the day, and other applications, will be disrupted.


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