Residents whose houses were demolished in Clifton, St. Catherine call on Prime Minister Andrew Holness for assistance

Months after the Government authorized the demolition of some houses in Clifton, St. Catherine, affected residents are calling on Prime Minister Andrew Holness to assist them.


In October, last year, several housing structures said to be constructed on illegally acquired land were demolished.


According to Prime Minister Holness, the Government received information that gangsters were selling land to unsuspecting persons near the Clifton area.


An investigation into the matter is underway and at least one person has been charged.


The demolition exercise has been put on pause and Prime Minister Holness has promised that the area will be developed in an orderly fashion and the residents will have options to acquire land legally.


However, with the new year now underway, some residents say the demolition exercise has left them homeless.


A 23-year-old woman whose house was demolished said her life has been disrupted.


She is appealing to the Prime Minister for help.


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