Representatives of a UK church to deliver an apology to Jamaicans for its involvement in slavery

Representatives of a United Kingdom based church are on the island to deliver an official apology to Jamaicans for its involvement in slavery.

The representatives are part of a 10-member delegation from various church denominations in the UK.

The delegation is in Jamaica to further discover their churches’ historic involvement in the enslavement of Africans and the issue of human trade.

The 12-day visit has been described as part of the journey towards repentance for one of the modern era’s most destructive collective sins.

During the visit, dubbed the ecumenical pilgrimage for justice reconciliation and unity, one of the denominations will present an official apology which will be received by the moderator of The United Church in Jamaica and the Cayman Islands at an ecumenical service on Sunday at the Webster Memorial Church in St. Andrew.

The pilgrimage to the island is a result of a visit of the principals of the Churches’ Reparations Action Forum (CRAF) from Jamaica to the United Kingdom in June last year.

The organization is represented on the National Council for Reparations by Pastor Bruce Fletcher and Reverend Dr. Stephen Jennings.

The group is expected to leave the island on April 22.


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