Relatives of 8yo Danielle Rowe call for justice and for killer to confess, during march in St Andrew yesterday

“We want justice, and we want answers”.

That was the cry by relatives of Danielle Rowe, during a march along Roosevelt Avenue in St Andrew yesterday (July 21).

Last month, 8-year-old Danielle was abducted from her school in Portmore, St Catherine and later found along Roosevelt Avenue in St Andrew with her throat slashed.

She was rushed to hospital and underwent emergency surgery but later succumbed.

The police have not had much success in finding the person responsible for the child’s death.

Yesterday, placard-bearing family members, dressed in white clothing smeared with red paint, marched along the roadway on which Danielle had been found.

They appealed to the killer to confess to the crime.

They also called for the soldier who found Danville to reveal himself.

Danielle’s funeral is set for tomorrow at the Portmore 7th day Adventist Church at 10 am.


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