Record breakers will be eligible for a special award of US$100,000

Athletes  who set a world record at the World Athletics Championship in Eugene Oregon, will be eligible for a special award of US$100,000 offered by TDK and World Athletics’. 

The performance must be an improvement on the existing world athletics world record. performances that equal the existing world record will not be eligible for a world record award.

As announced in June 2021, world athletics has substantially increased the prize money for athletes at its flagship world championships, starting with the World Athletics Championships Oregon2022.

The US 2 million dollars accumulated from the fines paid by the Russian Athletics Federation for breaching the sport’s Anti-Doping rules, will go directly to athletes in the form of prize money at the World Championship Oregon22 and at the next edition in Budapest, Hungary in 2023.

Athletes winning individual events in Oregon, will secure 70 thousand us dollars, with the second place finisher securing 35,000, while the athletes finishing third will receive 22,000 dollars. 

16,000 dollars will go towards the athlete who places fourth, eleven thousand for fifth, 7000 dollars for sixth , with the seventh and 8th place finishers pocketing 6000 and 5000 dollars respectively. 

Each team winning a relay event will be awarded eighty thousand us dollars, with 40,000 dollars for second and 20,000 dollars for the bronze medal winning team. 


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