Recommendation made by JFF Board to send General Secretary Dalton Wint on leave

A recommendation has been made by the Board of Directors of the  Jamaica Football Federation that  embattled general secretary Dalton  Wint be sent on two weeks leave, pending  further action by the board.

This coming out of a board of directors meeting held last weekend where  the issue of Wint’s stewardship was the main agenda item.

The Jamaican footballers two weeks ago threatened  to  forfeit  Jamaica’s  nations  cup match against Surinam if  Wint did  not  tender  his  resignation.

This led to the team arriving late for the game against Suriname in  Paramaribo.

JFF  President Michael Rickettes in a letter to Wint earlier  this  month   confirm the commitment of the Jamaica

Football Federation to compensate him in full, as per his  employment agreement with the Federation for the period January 1, 2020 to December 31, 2023.

However, Wint in his  demand  is  seeking  compensation  in  the  region  of  10  million dollars.


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